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American Government Interactive Assignment - 1036 Words

Lynn Cothrell American Government – Interactive Assignment Media bias refers to the bias of news producers and journalists that are in the mass media, reporting on a selection of events and stories and how they are covered. It is impossible to report everything, therefore, selectivity is inevitable. When watching or reading coverage on a specific topic, it is not difficult to detect the sources bias. The media will put their conservative or liberal spin on the information presented to their audience. This has been very obvious in recent days regarding the laws being presented to the Supreme Court regarding same-sex marriages. The coverage on this topic is either for or against same-sex marriage. The New York Times has a more liberal view, marriage is the union of people who love each other, regardless of their sexual orientation have the right to marry. However, CNN’s reporting is that of a conservative bias, marriage is the union of one man and one woman, same-sex relationships violates moral and religious beliefs of millions. Accord ing to the Pew Research Center, stories with more statements supporting same-sex marriage outweighed those with more statements opposing it by a margin of roughly 5-to-1. The news media coverage provided a strong sense of momentum towards legalizing same-sex marriage. When reading through articles from The New York Times and CNN, their bias is apparent through omission, source selection, story selection, placement, and spin. The reportingShow MoreRelatedEssay on Textbook Analysis: the American Journey1499 Words   |  6 PagesTEXTBOOK ANALYSIS: THE AMERICAN JOURNEY Textbook Analysis The American Journey Michele C. Bennett Grand Canyon University: EED 465 January 22, 2011 Textbook Analysis: The American Journey Before using a social studies textbook, a deep analysis of its contents will be required. How the book covers the topics in comparison to the definition of, social studies bring forth the relevance of the book in effective planning and instruction. Whether or not the book conveys separate classroomRead MoreStrengths And Weaknesses Of My Generation1192 Words   |  5 PagesStrengths and Weaknesses of My Generation The most common strength of students is technological literacy due to an increase in availability of technology such as laptops and smartphones as well as an increase in online assignments and/or typed assignments. The most common weaknesses of students include critical thinking, time-management, communication, and soft skills. Strategies to improve upon students’ weaknesses include reforming America’s education system by revoking the No Child Left BehindRead MoreTeaching Style Of The Instructor1019 Words   |  5 PagesTwo of those classes take place at the Paulding Campus and the other two take place at the North Metro campus. I take my American Government class at the North Metro Campus every Tuesdays and Thursdays. Every Monday and Wednesday I go to the Paulding Campus to take College Algebra. These two professors differ in more ways than just the subject of their course. My American government teacher is pretty cool. He has a very fun way of teaching. By cracking jokes and making cheesy remarks on every chapterRead MoreThe Cultural Conflicts Existing Within The Discipline Of Political Science834 Words   |  4 PagesQuestion # 1: Leaving aside assignment 6 (Gibson/Key) what reading(s) did you find most compelling this week, and why? This week, singling out one compelling piece was hard, as I now see how all the pieces are linked. For example, I liked how Perestroika informs us of the trends existing within the discipline of political science, particularly the overrated focus on methods and techniques in political inquiry. I also liked how Perestroika highlights the cultural conflicts existing within the disciplineRead MoreCase Study Cultural Considerations of Shanghai Disneyland1735 Words   |  7 PagesStudy Assignment 2 Course Coordinator – IBS210 – The Principals of International Business Tutorial – Student – Due Date – 22 April, 2013 Word Count – 1031 words (excluding references) Cultural Considerations of the Opening of Shanghai Disney Shanghai Disneyland resort opening 2015 will have the biggest and tallest Cinderella castle in the world. The key players are the Chinese government, Disney, Shanghai Shendi Group and Mike Crawford, with the key event being the Chinese governments approvalRead MoreAnalysis Of Ford Motor Co On The United States903 Words   |  4 Pagesweek’s assignments was published in 2004. Since then there has been a significant shift in the automotive industries activities both in the market and in how it affects the economies it was serving. In 2008 Chrysler and GM pleaded with the United States government to support them as they were failing in epic fashion. Ford Motor Co on the other hand seen this financial devastation coming and started making changes in 2004 to preempt the need to reduce itself to looking to the government to bailRead MoreThe Applications Of The Iot1487 Words   |  6 Pageskey information and resources, and improve the safety of their campuses [5]. Professors can spend anywhere from 12-14 hours in a day teaching, working with individual students, and/or grading assignments and tests. The surge in connected IoT devices does not require professors to manually grade assignments; therefore, they are provided extra time to use as they please. Also, devices connected to the cloud allow professors to gather information on their students; this data can then be used for twoRead MoreA Brief History of the Development of Advertising1461 Words   |  6 PagesNAME – KUNTAL BOSE DEPARTMENT – PGDM ROLL – PGDM/10/013 ASSIGNMENT – A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF ADVERTISING DEFINITION - Advertising is a  process, not a medium in its own right, although it uses different media forms to communicate. Advertising, in its simplest form, is the way in which the vendor or manufacturer of a product communicates with consumers via a medium, or many different media. HISTORY EgyptiansRead MoreEssay on International Expansion1026 Words   |  5 PagesMGMT415 Unit 1 Assignment International Expansion Many companies today want to expand their business to the international business, which can bring cost down and profits up. Taking a business internationally means knowing the rules and regulations of the countries you are entering. There can be many issues with going global which include cultural barriers, diversity issues, multicultural issues, political issues, and economical issues. It is very important to know how important expansionRead MoreThe Effects Of Electronic Devices On Children And Adolescents Essay1464 Words   |  6 Pagesthem to a volatile and irreparable outcome, in their social interaction with peers and family, self-perception, behavior and sleep pattern. 2) It is now a standard in today’s school and at home to have access to a computer to complete homework assignment and projects. The additional stress to perform has risen and has caused unwanted stress and anxiety in school age children. Due to the ease of accessibility of cellular phones and tablets today, it has become harder to monitor what your child/adolescent

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A Social Psychological Approach to Reducing Prejudice in...

Prejudice and hate have always been prominent issues in society. Their roots extend from European concentration camps to American issues of civil rights (Kleg, 1993, p. 18). Not only were feelings of prejudice seen within ethnicities, but also within gender and socioeconomic statuses. Eventually each case has diminished through appropriate regulations and education. It is no surprise that in the twenty-first century, prejudice and hate is still prevalent in society, and more importantly, in the classroom. Yet, just as in years passed, prejudice in the classroom can be reduced through regulations, education, and by other means. Thus, prejudice can be reduced or prevented, if the proper precautions are emplaced. Overview of Solutions and†¦show more content†¦436). Also, students can use role-playing as a technique to see the world in the eyes of the victim of ethnic prejudice, as well as in the eyes of the perpetrator (McGregor, 1993, p. 218). Another possible way to combat prejudice is through social influence and attributional training (Baron and Branscombe, 2012, p. 210-1). Lastly, in order for all of these possible solutions to work, teachers must cooperate fully and make sure they do not feel prejudice toward any ethnic group (D’Angelo and Dixey, 2001, p. 84). With the following solutions, prejudice and hate can be reduced in the classroom. Solutions and Research Methods Prejudice is a negative response and evaluation toward members of a group (Baron and Branscombe, 2012, p.195). Prejudice generates, due to perceived threats to our self-esteem and our groups image (Baron and Branscombe, 2012, p.197). Recent research has found that mentioning people’s ingroup identity (Democrats or Republicans), increases threat and prejudice; however, when a group is reminded that they are all American, threat and prejudice decreases (Baron and Branscombe, 2012, p. 198-9). Thus, if teachers constantly reminded their students that although they are of a different race, they are all still Americans and students of the same school, making salient these commonalities. Moreover, the realistic conflict theory states â€Å"that prejudice stems from direct competitionShow MoreRelatedSocial And Behavioral Science Of Racism2059 Words   |  9 Pagesin a certain social category. It involves an interaction by a group’s interaction in influencing an individual’s behavior towards a particular group that then restricts members of a group from privileges and opportunities available in the other group resulting in the exclusion of an individual or that entity on the basis of logical as well as irrational in decision making. The essay will majorly focus on the prejudice and the discriminatory practices of racism on humanity. Social and behavioralRead MoreThe Context Of Intergroup Relations2200 Words   |  9 Pages In the context of intergroup relations, three forms of social bias including prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination have a pejorative meaning. Stereotypes are cognitive schemas, assumptions or beliefs about how in-group members characterise out-group members, which may lead to prejudice (Lippmann 1922). Prejudice, on the other hand, is hatred based on fixed generalizations that may be directed at a stereotyped out-group individual who is part of a group or at a group as a whole, leadingRead MoreHow may conflict resolution and conflict management approaches be applied in educational settings?’5335 Words   |  22 Pagesit takes in an educational setting. In order to apply conflict resolution and conflict management effectively in an educational setting, it is important to understand the background disciplines of conflict and theories behind how humans behave in social set tings. Comprehending how human behaviour initiates is the key stepping stone to resolving and managing conflict behaviour between humans. We will examine what the concept of conflict is and what shape of from it occurs in everyday life. A briefRead MoreThe Effects Of Emotional Intelligence On The World Of The Twentieth Century Essay1949 Words   |  8 PagesAmerican psychologists John D. Mayer and P. Salovey, who first used the term emotional intelligence and started research activities to study the phenomenon. Emotional intelligence, according to these scientists, was first defined as â€Å"the subset of social intelligence that involves the ability to monitor one’s own and others’ feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and actions† (Salovey Mayer, 1990, p. 190). In 1997, however, John D. MayerRead More509 Paper3137 Words   |  13 PagesMulticulturalism: Educating Society Reduces Racism John Doe Jstep University HSER 509: Multicultural Issues in Human Services Abstract Multiculturalism in education is an essential element in shaping America’s increasingly diverse society by reducing racism. This research takes a look at the relationship between multiculturalism and how educating the youth would cure racism. Multiculturalism is the view that cultural differences should be respected or even encouraged. The concept of multiculturalismRead MoreA Study On Child Poverty Essay2778 Words   |  12 PagesNurses Course Coordinator: Jude Roddick Essay topic: Child poverty in New Zealand â€Å"High rates of child poverty are a cause for concern, as low family income has been associated with a range of negative health, education, justice, labour market and social outcomes. Negative health outcomes include low birth weight, infant mortality, poorer mental health and cognitive development, and hospital admissions from a variety of causes† (Craig, Reddington, Wicken, Oben Simpson, 2013, pg. 24). DUE DATE:Read MoreAll About Peace Education13195 Words   |  53 Pageshas changed over the past sixty years and continues to change at an ever increasing rate, UNESCO’s mission - a commitment to promoting universal values of peace and nonviolence, human rights and social justice, intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding – persists with growing urgency. UNESCO’s approach to educating for peace is multidimensional, in that it links education with a range of activities that address the root causes of violence, from human security to sustainable development. TheRead MoreThe Social Impact Of Stigma Surrounding Physical And Mental Disability1828 Words   |  8 PagesThe Social Impact of Stigma Surrounding Physical and Mental Disability Of those who know me well, a small number eventually find out that I am bipolar. It s not something I advertise to the public, and it has, at times, been an enormously debilitating force in my life. Even though I am educated about my problems and know better, many times I have berated myself harshly for my weakness or even found fault in my very existence. Early on, I doubted my right to live based upon the difficulties inherentRead MoreRelated Literature for Bullying7058 Words   |  29 Pagesfreedom of a minor student SEC. 3. Cyber-bullying is any conduct defined in Section 2 of this Act which are made tluough electronic devices such as, bust are not limited to texting, instant messaging, chatting, Internet and social networking websites. For purposes of this Act, the phrase acts of bullying shall include the acts enumerated under Section 2 and Cyber-bullying as defined under this Section. SEC. 4. School policy - All schools, colleges or universitiesRead MoreUnderstanding Bipolar Disorder in Children4023 Words   |  17 Pageswhen comparing behaviors with other children. Assessing the emotional, academic, and health needs of a student with a bipolar disorder is a critical step in designing effective interventions and school accommodations. Without appropriate medical, psychological, pharmaceutical, and academic interventions, a child is at risk for uncontrolled mania, depression, substance abuse, or suicide. The school nurse is part of the multidisciplinary team and plays a key role in facilitating case management to potentially

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Leadership Approach Relationship Oriented Leadership

Task Two Section A: Leadership Approach Relationship-oriented leadership is the approach I would take in managing the Techfite project team. Relationship-oriented leadership aims to â€Å"enhance employees’ skills and create positive work relationships among coworkers and between the leader and his/her employees† (Kinicki, A. Fugate, M. (2015)). The three major relationship-oriented behaviors include: Servant-leadership, empowerment and consideration. Servant-leadership behavior is when the leader puts the needs of others before everything else including self-interest. Empowerment leadership behavior involves the leader giving employees perceived empowerment and control over their job. Consideration is the behavior that leaders use to encourage intercommunication between team members and leader. Consideration behavior includes being concerned for team member’s welfare, needs, and yearnings. I would choose this leadership style because I feel like it would bring out the best qualities in my team. It will help them to be happier as well as help them to be more productive and excel beyond the bare minimum of what is required of them. Empowerment encourages creativity which will be vital in completing this project successfully. Section B: Effective Strategies 282 To ensure the team will be effective, I will implement the three Cs of effective teams which include: charters and strategies, composition and capacity. At the beginning of the team being formed, team charters andShow MoreRelatedBusiness Ethics : Bus 610 Organizational Behavior1113 Words   |  5 Pages Business Ethics Prem Yadav BUS 610 Organizational Behavior Dr. Rollis Erickson June 29, 2015 Introduction Excellence of an organizational leadership determines how well an organization is doing. Effective leadership is influencing the behavior of individuals and groups in positive way to work towards a predefined organizational goal (Baack, 2012). An effective leader creates vision for the organization and effectively communicates with employees to set the organizational directionRead MoreFactors That Lead The Goal The Realization Of The Knowledge Gap Is Not Yet Ripe1172 Words   |  5 Pagesmethods designed to promote TOPIC. While my knowledge background of the field of TOPIC is quite strong, my knowledge of leading county-level JOB is practically non-existent. The skill approach highlights the importance of Knowledge and skills for effective leadership. There are three skills required for effective leadership viz; Technical, Human and Conceptual as propounded (Katz, 1955). Technical skill is knowledge and expertise in a specific sort of work or activity. It justifies the competencies inRead MoreLeadership Style That Changed Over The Years1716 Words   |  7 PagesLeadership is often an ambiguous term used to describe those individuals who are managing people and processes. There are as many styles of leadership as there are industries who utilize them. Most often, the culture of an industry creates a particular type of leader or manager, and individuals who wish to become leaders must change their style to reflect that of the culture. However, I believe that everyone has a leadership style that reflects who they are, and if provided the opportunity to utilizeRead MoreEssay on Women and Men in Leadership1424 Words   |  6 Pagesdifferent sets of people. It is perceived that males and females have different styles when it comes to leadership. First, we will look at the leadership styles of men. Males have been known to have a transactional leadership style. Transactional leadership is when followers are motivated through a system of rewards and punishment. The leaders perspective of their â€Å"leader-to-follower† relationship is one of quid pro quo, or â€Å"this for that† (Bass, 1981). If the follower performs well, they will be rewardedRead MoreSituational Theory And Situational Approach820 Words   |  4 PagesSITUATIONAL APPROACH Source The situational leadership approach allows the leader to choose one of the four styles to match the competence and commitment of their subordinates. The four leadership styles are directing, coaching, supporting, and delegating. The situational approach emphasizes leader’s flexibility and differential treatment based on individual needs of each employee. The focus is on leadership style appropriate to the situation. Development The situational approach was developed byRead MoreThe Skills Approach Is A Way For All People With Become Leaders1400 Words   |  6 PagesTheory Description The skills approach is a way for all people to become leaders. The skills approach shows that one’s ability and knowledge is most vital when determining effective leadership. Although some certain innate skills are needed to create great leaders, it is possible for anyone to gain these skills if he or she is dedicated and willing. Aly Raisman is an Olympic gymnast who excelled in the 2012 London Olympics but came short in winning the all around medal. She worked very hardRead MoreDifferent Types Of Leadership Styles1330 Words   |  6 PagesWhat is Leadership? Why are there so many types of Leadership? Which one is the right one? These are all important questions people who are trying to lead ask. John Maxwell a well-known author on leadership stated simply â€Å"Leadership is influence†. There are numerous types of leadership styles, they all have their strong points about them, and depending who you are the circumstances can dictate which type of person with what type of leadership style will be successful. In this paper I will discussRead MoreTransformational Leadership : Leadership And Leadership887 Words   |  4 PagesThe idea of leadership has transformed throughout the years to encompass varying aspects of leadership approaches, leadership types and the like. According to Summerfield (2014) , C. F. Rauch and O. Behling, quote leadership as: Leadership is the process of influencing the activities of an organized group toward goal achievement. Given its broad definition, leadership is understood to have different meanings when applied to diverse situations. For example, there are different types of approaches toRead MoreLeadership Is Complex And Important Social Phenomenon1393 Words   |  6 PagesLeadership is complex and important social phenomenon that existed at every stage of social development in different forms. There were always paid much attention to this fact and nowadays leadership is regarded as a very important management tool and one of the major keys to success. Good performance and results of a team depends on the leader’s behavior. So, selecting proper leadership style is crucial for the achievement of goals. Several scientists have devoted their researches to the issue ofRead MoreLeadership Research: The Situational Theory Essay742 Words   |  3 PagesSituational theory Beginning in about 1950, the emphasis in leadership research shifted from the trait approach to the situational approach. In 1948, Ralph Stogdill survey of trait research concluded there were no universal leadership traits. In 1949, J.K. Hemphill published a book focusing completely on the situational factors in leadership. Thus, a new emphasis came into leadership research, not on whom or what the leader is, but on where leadership occurs and the condition under which it occurs. A corresponding

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Microsoft Monopoly or Not Essay Example For Students

Microsoft Monopoly or Not Essay A battle has raged in the United States courts between the U.S. government and the Microsoft Corporation, headed by Bill Gates, since 1990. The federal government has maintained that Microsofts monopolistic practices are harmful to United States citizens, creating higher prices and potentially downgrading software quality, and should therefore be stopped, while Microsoft and its supporters claim that they are not breaking any laws, and are just doing good business. Microsofts antitrust problems began for them in the early months of 1990, when the Federal Trade Commission began investigating them for possible violations of the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts, which was designed to stop the formation of monopolies. After several years of investigation, in August of 1993, the FTC finally decided to hand the case over to the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice moved quickly, with Anne K. Bingaman, head of the Antitrust Division of the D.O.J., leading the way. The case was finally ended on July 15th, 1994, with Microsoft signing a consent settlement. The settlement focused on Microsofts selling practices with computer manufacturers. Up until now, Microsoft would sell MS-DOS and Microsofts other operating systems to original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) at a 60% discount if that OEM agreed to pay a royalty to Microsoft for every single computer that they sold regardless if it had a Microsoft operating system installed on it or not. After the settlement, Microsoft would be forced to sell their operating systems according to the number of computers shipped with a Microsoft Operating system installed, and not for computers with other operating systems. Another practice that the Justice Department accused Microsoft of was that Microsoft would specify a minimum number of operating systems that the retailer had to buy, thus eliminating any chance for another operating system vendor to get their system installed until the retailer had installed all of the M icrosoft operating systems that it had to sell. In addition to specifying a minimum number of operating systems that a vendor had to buy, Microsoft also would sign contracts with the vendors for long periods of time such as two or three years. In order for a new operating system to gain popularity, it would have to do so quickly, in order to show potential buyers that it was worth purchasing. With Microsoft signing long term contracts, they eliminated the chance for a new operating system to gain the popularity needed. The second issue that Microsoft had to face was when they were accused of tying.Tying is the practice in which Microsoft would use their leverage in one market area, such as graphical user interfaces, to gain leverage in another market, such as operating systems, where they may have stiff competition. In the preceding example, Microsoft would use their graphical user interface, Windows, to sell their operating system, DOS, by offering discounts to manufacturers that p urchased both MS-DOS and Windows, and threatening to not sell Windows to companies who did not also purchase DOS. In the end, Microsoft decided to suck it up and sign the settlement agreement. In signing the agreement, Microsoft did not actually have to admit to any of the alleged charges, but were able to escape any type of formal punishment such as fines and the like. The settlement that Microsoft agreed to prohibits it, for the next six and a half years from: Charging for its operating system on the basis of computer shipped rather than on copies of MS-DOS shipped, imposing minimum quantity commitments on manufacturers, signing contracts for greater than one year, tying the sale of MS-DOS to the sale of other Microsoft products. Although these penalties were placed to put an end to all of Microsofts evil practices, some people thought that they were not harsh enough and that Microsoft should have been split up to put a stop to any chance of them forming a true monopoly of the ope rating system market and of the entire software market. On one side of the issue, there are the people who feel that Microsoft should be left alone, at least for the time being. With Microsoft creating the standards for the rest of the computer industry, they are able to create better standards and build them much faster than if an outside organization or committee were to create them. With these standards set, other companies are able to create their applications and other products that are much faster, better, and thus the customers receive that much better of a product. Another conclusion that many anti-Microsoft people and other people around the world jump to is that the moment that we have a company such as Microsoft, who is very successful, they immediately think that there must be something wrong, that they have to be doing something illegal or immoral to have become this immense. Contrary to popular belief, Microsoft has not gained its enormous popularity through monopolist ic and illegal measures, but instead through superior products. One of the biggest proponents of government intervention into the Microsoft issue is Netscape Communications, based out of Mountain View, California. Netscape filed lawsuits accusing Microsoft of tying. This time, Microsoft started bundling their World Wide Web browser, Internet Explorer 3.0, into their operating system, Windows 95. Netscape is the maker of Netscape Navigator, which was the most widely used Internet browser on the market at this time. Netscape says that in addition to bundling the browser, Microsoft was offering Windows at a discount to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to feature Internet Explorer on the desktop of the computers that they shipped, thus elimination any competition for space on the desktop by rival companies such as Netscape. If the OEM wants to give the consumer a fair and even choice of browsers by placing competitors browser icons in a comparable place on the desktop. .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de , .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de .postImageUrl , .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de , .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de:hover , .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de:visited , .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de:active { border:0!important; } .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de:active , .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u1f3230cc1da988b6413c9bca883bd2de:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Breakfast club Essay The most recent events in the case against Microsoft is that the government is rumored to be working on a proposal that would force Microsoft to open up its source code and sell a stripped down version of Windows. There is also expected to be a limited or complete ban on bundling of Microsoft products. If they are forced to release their code, this will make it so anyone can change Windows to suit their needs. It will also benefit companies such as Sun Microsystems, Apple Computers, and distributors of Linux. Opening the Windows code will allow these companies and many others get inside the Windows code and see exactly how its gears turn. They will be able to create operating systems that are branches of Windows that run in a way that best fits their needs, all at Microsofts expense. This will also create havoc in the entire software industry with everything from business applications to video games. When there is a superior product, everyone else will want to know how it works and s ue to find out their secrets. With all the information that has been presented for both sides of the issue, you are probably left in a daze, not knowing what to think. Is Microsoft good or is Microsoft bad. Well, I would have to say a little of both. Even though the Justice Department found that Microsoft might be practicing some techniques that are less than ethical, they did not find that Microsoft was breaking any anti-trust laws, nor did Microsoft admit to the accusations when they signed the agreement. If anything, when they signed the agreement, it was more of a sorry than a full-fledged admission of guilt, but they continue to get hammered upon and probably will be for a long time. Bibliography:Anti Trust Case Filings. Microsoft PressPass. Microsoft Corporation. Nader, Ralph. Consumer Harm in the Microsoft Case. Seltzer, Larry. Open source, standards, and Windows. Jan. 17, 2002.,14179,2840266,00.html. Seltzer, Wendy. US vs. Micorsoft: The Appeal, CNN. vs. Microsoft, Washington Post., Joe. States get tough in Microsoft Case. Jan. 7, 2001, CNET News.

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Short Time Recall As A Function Of Type Of Stimulus And Length Of Dela

Short Time Recall As A Function Of Type Of Stimulus And Length Of Delay Interval Abstract We were interested in examining patterns of short-term information recall. We used the Brown-Peterson distractor technique to investigate the effects of stimuli type and delay interval on recall for 17 Ss. Each S was tested under 4 conditions, combined of word triads or nonsense syllables triads, with a short (10-sec) or long (45-Sec) delay interval. S read aloud the visually presented stimulus items, and aurally recalled them after the delay interval, in which S was engaged in counting backwards in threes from a presented 3-digit number. Measures were taken only for recall proportion. Results suggest a significant difference in recall between words and nonsense syllables, with words significantly better recalled. For the delay interval, results show no significant effect, and thus differ from those obtained in previous research. This discrepancy is discussed in terms of technical differences in procedure. No other effect or interaction approached significance. Short-term Recall As a function of Type of Stimulus and Length of Delay Interval Short-term memory (STM) has been vastly studied and tested. One of the popular testing methods for STM has been the short-term recall, in which S is shortly presented with a single or multiple items, later to be recalled. Various researchers have focused their studies on different aspects, while attempting to identify those factors that most strongly influence short-term recall. A short-term memory model based upon a limited capacity to process information suggests that the recall of verbal material can be effected by the activity which consumes the retention interval, referred to as the interpolated activity. Diverse studies examine the significance of elements involved in the interpolated task. In general, researchers have attempted to prevent Ss from rehearsing, i.e., processing exposed stimuli by keeping the material within the short-term store through the use of rehearsal-preventing interpolated tasks. The most famous of these has been suggested in the Brown-Peterson technique (Peterson & Peterson, 1959) in the form of backwards counting. In the original Peterson studies (1959), Ss attempted to retain aurally presented consonants trigrams while counting backwards by three or four from a three-digit number. This interpolated activity was continued for some predetermined retention interval, immediately after which Ss were asked to recall the originally presented consonants. Using this technique, the Petersons demonstrated a very rapid decline in recall. The probability of recall decreased exponentially with duration of interpolated activity. Murdock (1960) investigated the effect of the stimulus type and the effect of varying the rate of interpolated activity. Similarly to the Petersons (1959) he found that in all cases forgetting, whether measured by accuracy or latency, increased with the duration of the interpolated activity. In addition, Murdock suggested little difference between the retention of three consonants and three words; consonant syllables and word triads were equally well recalled. Murdock (Tell, 1971) has shown that short-term recall is effected by whether the presentation is visual or auditory. According to Neisser (Tell, 1971) there is an auditory-storage system which results from auditory input and can function as a source of information in short-term recall. This temporary storage system is referred to as echoic memory. ?Echoic memory is passive, continuous, composed of sounds, and decays rapidly? (Tell, p. 150). However, auditory input may also function as auditory noise. Voiced recall, vocalized irrelevant interpolated activity, or certain types of presentation conditions can mask, erase, or overwrite information available in the echoic memory store. This assumption is especially important when considering the interpolated activity. Tell (1971) suggested that a verbal interpolated task, in addition to its role as a rehearsal-prevention activity, would also produce auditory feedback, which masks information from echoic memory. Tell and Ferguson (1974) further explored this issue of vocalization by examining the influences of active and passive vocalization on short-term recall. As distinguished by Crowder (Tell & Ferguson, 1974), active vocalization refers to presentation conditions where the to-be-remembered stimulus items are voiced aloud by S as they are visually presented. Under passive vocalization conditions, S listens to E read each stimulus item as it is visually presented. Tell & Ferguson suggested that active and passive vocalization differ mainly at the longer retention intervals, with recall much higher under the passive vocalization condition. This

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Free Essays on Kids Fingerprints

Kid fingerprinting Should parents voluntarily create detailed identification records (including fingerprints) on their children? Do to anticipation of possible runaway problems or abductions? Some agree because you can never tell when terrible things will happen to a child, so it is best to be prepared. Nevertheless, some disagree due to the vast majority of missing children that are not abducted. Whether abducted or not, fingerprinting will do no good they say. It wastes time and money and pushes us that much closer to the creation of the Orwellian National Data Center that Congress rejected fifteen years ago. As of early 1983, 11 states had launched programs to fingerprint children. These were New York, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Kansas, Illinois, and Indiana; now all states participate. Most of this activity was stimulated by the passage of the Missing Children Act in October 1982. What the new law did was to legitimize the use of the FBI's national computer network, the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) for non-criminal purposes. All of the programs are voluntary. In some cases, the police departments retain the records, or the fingerprint cards are turned over to the parents for safekeeping. The apparent purpose of the program is to help provide either positive identification to link children picked up, or bodies recovered, with missing person notices. Every year about 1 million children are reported missing. Of these most, about 800,000 are away from home for less than two weeks. About 15 0,000 of the total missing are abducted; of these two thirds are abducted by a divorced parent. Some of the reasons behind the missing children are not pretty. According to an article in Parade, about 35 percent of runaways leave home because of incest, 53 percent because of physical neglect. The rest are "throwaways," children kicked out or sim... Free Essays on Kids Fingerprints Free Essays on Kids Fingerprints Kid fingerprinting Should parents voluntarily create detailed identification records (including fingerprints) on their children? Do to anticipation of possible runaway problems or abductions? Some agree because you can never tell when terrible things will happen to a child, so it is best to be prepared. Nevertheless, some disagree due to the vast majority of missing children that are not abducted. Whether abducted or not, fingerprinting will do no good they say. It wastes time and money and pushes us that much closer to the creation of the Orwellian National Data Center that Congress rejected fifteen years ago. As of early 1983, 11 states had launched programs to fingerprint children. These were New York, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Kansas, Illinois, and Indiana; now all states participate. Most of this activity was stimulated by the passage of the Missing Children Act in October 1982. What the new law did was to legitimize the use of the FBI's national computer network, the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) for non-criminal purposes. All of the programs are voluntary. In some cases, the police departments retain the records, or the fingerprint cards are turned over to the parents for safekeeping. The apparent purpose of the program is to help provide either positive identification to link children picked up, or bodies recovered, with missing person notices. Every year about 1 million children are reported missing. Of these most, about 800,000 are away from home for less than two weeks. About 15 0,000 of the total missing are abducted; of these two thirds are abducted by a divorced parent. Some of the reasons behind the missing children are not pretty. According to an article in Parade, about 35 percent of runaways leave home because of incest, 53 percent because of physical neglect. The rest are "throwaways," children kicked out or sim...

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THE CASE OF LinkedIn Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

THE OF LinkedIn - Case Study Example LinkedIn marketing team needs to conduct market research in the GCC region, especially the culture of the Muslim community. The operations of LinkedIn Company are all about interactions and exchange of ideas. If the market research can identify the specific culture of cooperation in the GCC region, then the company can increase the membership base (Rodrigues, Maccari & Lenzi, 2012). Furthermore, identifying the different groups of potential members such as the CEOs, the business people, the young professionals and many others, may help expand the membership volume. Additionally, the company should adopt a social media platform costumed to the language and lifestyle characteristics of the Asian, especially the Muslim community. Nevertheless, the company will incorporate some of the giant companies in the GCC region in the management team to lure the members from the GCC. The strategy of increasing the membership in the GCC region may not be the same as the ones used in Europe because the two regions have different national cultures. For example, the European market may view LinkedIn connection agenda as healthy, and many people in the area would be willing to participate. On the other hand, GCC region is a reserved culture, which views the interaction as intrusion into their culture and way of life. Therefore, Europe would need a little convincing since they would readily accept. Porter’s five forces analyzes the competitive environment for business firms. The LinkedIn is a professional networking company whose operations depend on the massive wave of social media interaction currently sweeping the globe. The first Porter model force is existing rivalry among competitors. The LinkedIn is facing competition from Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. However, the level of this force is not high on LinkedIn because most of its competitors are more social